Khalil Mamoon Hookah Royalty


SKU: KM1067
Manufacturer: Khalil Mamoon
Weight: 20.00 lbs
Made in: Egypt
Style/Finish Gold


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If you truly appreciate hand-made artisanship then you will enjoy staring at this piece of work.  This limited edition hand-worked Khalil Mamoon hookah looks like something that came out of the Egyptian Pyramids, reserved only for Kings and Queens.  Whether you want to indulge yourself in a truly luxurious smoke or want to display this masterpiece in your living room, the all brass Khalil Mamoon Royalty will be the envy of all your guests.  This hookah fit for a king is made entirely of brass and features intricate details throughout the whole stem.  It also includes a matcing windcover with the same level of detail. 

  • All brass stem, base and windcover
  • Intricate hand tapped detail throughout
  • Hand-made by master hookah artisans
  • Includes hard case