Khalil Mamoon Hookah India Black


SKU: KM1045
Manufacturer: Khalil Mamoon
Weight: 10.00 lbs
Made in: Egypt
Height: 32 in
Style/Finish Oxide
Color Black


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The India hookah is manufactured by Khalil Mamoon who is the most notable hookah manufacturer in Egypt. India means "breath" in Arabic. "Breath of Life" is written on the glass in Arabic Calligraphy. The India Hookah stands at 32" from the top of the bowl down to the bottom of the base. This hookah comes with a thick gauge long handle hose which is not pictured here. The India has an oxidized finish which makes this hookah even more amazing.

  • Strong and durable Oxidized solid cast shaft
  • Thick gauge long handled Hose
  • Khalil Mamoon stamp on the stem and tray
  • Hand-tapped design on the stem
  • Hookah includes everything pictured plus hose, tongs, brush and rubber fittings

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