HJ Alien Mini Funnel Bowl


Market Price: $22.99
SKU: hja1
Manufacturer: HookahJohn
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Made in: USA
Material Clay
Style Funnel

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The HJ Alien Mini Funnel is made to make your hookah sessions more pleasurable and most importantly save you money. It works with limited Shisha and coal consumption which is great if you like to smoke a lot of Shisha. Other bowls force you to throw away unused Shisha and coals. The HJ Mini Funnel is also great if you smoke for several hours on occasion but want to swap flavors every hour. After an hour throw away your used Shisha and pack a new bowl. This is quick and easy to do while you are waiting for your next set of coals to light. These bowls hold anywhere from 10-20 grams of Shisha depending on the brand and how you pack.