Fumari Flavor Guide

Try new Hookah tobacco flavors! Below is list of flavors and their descriptions to help you determine which new flavor to try.

Red = A Fumari Hookah Tobacco Top Seller

Apple Mint - The sweeter blend of sweet apples with an icy blast of minty coolness.

Apricot - This is a fruity flavor with a light smoke.

Banana - Tastes like a Runts candy banana. Sweet, nice smoke.

Black Cherry - Bold, tangy cherry flavor. Has a really good smoke.

Blackberry - Sweet berry flavor with a hint of floral aroma.

Blueberry - Sweet and very flavorful. Just what you’d expect from blueberry.

Cantaloupe - Has a lighter taste with a little pinch of sweetness.

Caramel - Tastes like candy, light flavor, but heavy, thick smoke.

Cherry - A classic hookah flavor, sweet, but not too strong.

Chocolate - Tastes like a tootsie roll or milk chocolate milkshake. Not too sweet with a light smoke.

Citrus Mint - A sweat citrusy blend with a kick of refreshing mint.

Coconut - Tastes like vacation! Creamy and strong smoke.

Cream Soda - Mild, creamy flavor with a thick smoke.

Double Apple - The most classic of classic Hookah tobacco flavors. Has a hint of anis (a black licorice flavor) and a nice, thick smoke.

Exotic Mango - One of our most talked about. A sweet, yet tangy mango flavor.

Fakhfakhina - Ffff-aaa-it's red apple. A sweet, good smoke. A classic Hookah tobacco flavor.

French Vanilla - A mellow French Vanilla flavor. Great to mix with other Fumari flavors to create your own taste!

Fumari - Our very own house blend of apple flavors.

Fumari Cola - Tastes like you are drinking a soda pop. Thick, flavorful smoke.

Grape - A classic Hookah tobacco flavor. Tastes more like the candy kind of grape.

Guava - A rich, tart flavor. Has a nice, thick smoke.

Honey - Tastes like it was straight from a beehive. Not too sweet with a mild smoke.

Jasmine - Sweet, extremely potent flower flavor, with a hint of lemon. Crisp taste with a strong smoke.

Jello - One of our stronger tasting tobacco. Cherry Jello.

Kiwi - A lighter, refreshing flavor with a hint of tartness. One of our favorites!

Lemon Mint - Not too minty, and not too lemony. A great smoke.

Melon - A perfect summer flavor. Light, but great smoke.

Mint - Icy taste and very rich smoke.

Mint Chocolate Chip - Tastes like a refreshing, thin mint cookie.

Mixed Fruit - A blend of several fruits. Sweet and flavorful smoke.

Nectarine - One of our lighter tasting flavors, but still has tang.

Orange - A strong citrus, orangy flavor. Has a real good smoke.

Orange Cream - Tastes just like a 50/50 bar or orange creamsicle. Great Summer Hookah.

Passion Fruit - Very fruity, yet a light and smooth taste.

Pina Colada - It's like a tropical vacation in itself! Let the flavor take you away!

Pineapple - So smooth it's almost creamy. Has a great pineapple flavor.

Plum - Sweet and very tasty.

Raspberry - It's one of the Hookah tobacco classics. One of our lighter tasting flavors.

Rose - Nothing much more to say except it tastes just like a rose with a heavy, thick smoke.

Sour Apple - Pucker up for a smoking experience that can't be beat! Tastes like a green apple.

Spearmint Gum - The lightest of the mint flavors. Fresh taste with a hint of sweetness. Great smoke quality.

Strawberry - A Fumari classic flavor. Tastes like strawberry jam. Has a pleasant, lighter tasting flavor.

Triple Apple - Unlike any other apple blend you've tried, this three-blend combination of apple flavors is super sweet.

Tropical Punch - Tastes like Hawaiian Punch Soda.

Watermelon - Tastes like a jolly rancher. Fun to smell, fun to taste.

White Peach - One of our most talked about. Has a strong, bold and peachy flavor and a great, thick smoke.