Advanced Hookah on a Budget – Magdy Zidan

So you are looking for a hookah on a budget but don’t want to compromise quality.  We have some good news for you.  In order to make room we are selling these bautifully hand-made pipes from one of the most notable hookah makers in the world – Magdy Zidan.

Some of you may already know this brand and the quality of craftsmanship and finish it stands for.  If you do not know about Magdy Zidan hookahs, just think of them as a rival to the ever popular Khalil Mamoon brand.  Some may even argue that Magdy Zidan Hookahs are better-made than Khalil Mamoon due to their limited production.  The reason Magdy Zidan did not become as popular in the United States as their arch nemesis Khalil Mammon is because they entered the market a little late.  That does not speak however of their superb quality and notable performance.

Here are some pipes we have hand selected for you which are sure to outperform any rival in their class and yes you guessed it… at an unbeatable price.  This will be a purchase you will not regret as deals like this only come around once in a blue moon.

All the below models are only $69.99 while supplies last

magdy_zidan1_d magdy_zidan2_d magdy_zidan3_d magdy_zidan4_d magdy_zidan5_d magdy_zidan6_d magdy_zidan7_d magdy_zidan8_d

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