Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System


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Manufacturer: Kaloud
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Made in: USA

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Kaloud Lotus™ is a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha.  Kaloud Lotus™ also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses that pass from charcoal into Shisha.  In doing so, Kaloud Lotus™ makes the clouds produced by the Shisha noticeably smoother, cleaner, and flavorful, while also considerably extending the life of a Hookah session. Kaloud Lotus™ is made in the United States of the highest quality materials available using manufacturing technology used for the aerospace and medical industry. Kaloud Lotus™ comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Kaloud Lotus™ prevents a significant amount of ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses from passing through from the charcoal into the clouds a Hookah user inhales. In doing so, Kaloud Lotus™ actually makes the Hookah clouds smoother, cleaner, and tastier.  It also has the added benefit of extending the life of a session, so you and your friends can spend more time bonding and less time fussing with changing heads and managing charcoal.

Kaloud Lotus™ is easy to use.  Actually, it's beyond easy to use. 
Step One: Put Hookah Shisha in the bowl/head;
Step Two: Place Kaloud Lotus™ directly on the bowl/head (no foil is ever necessary);
Step Three: Put charcoal in Kaloud Lotus™;
Step Four: Put the Kaloud Lotus™ lid on; and
Step Five: Enjoy!!

Kaloud Lotus™ was designed in the heart of a baby Unicorn, and will be manufactured in the United States using the highest quality materials and manufacturing protocols available. Because of this, we're able to offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on Kaloud Lotus™. We believe in the products we make and we will always stand behind them!